Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a ceilidh entail ?

It provides you and your guests with an evening of entertainment and fun. An experienced caller will quickly organise anyone who wishes to participate into sets for dancing and provide instruction on how to do each particular dance.

It very quickly gets everyone, who is participating, into a relaxed mood and is a great way of allowing participants to socialise with each other.

Are there any special requirements ?

A reasonable space for dancing is helpful. Approximately, the size of half a tennis court would be ideal. However, much smaller spaces are still alright, but fewer sets of dancers are then able to participate.

If I book Peak Folk will I need to provide anything ?

We invite an experienced caller to organise the dancing. We use our own PA system and are completely insured. We play live instrumental music for dancing and in between dances we play tunes and sing a selection of popular folk songs. During our break we play suitable music through a cd player.

Are you very expensive ?

We charge no more than other ceilidh bands of similar standard and quality. We are always glad to give you an individual quote and will respond to your telephone or email inquiries with a speedy reply. You might be very surprised at our reasonable charge.

Can I see you play or hear some more of your music prior to making a booking?

Yes, if you would like to see us play live in concert we perform in a number of local venues and will be happy to send you a list of our performance gigs. In addition, we keep our gig listing page up to date and include an internet map link if we are playing a public house performance gig. Alternatively, if you would like a demo cd, please send me an email request.

I hope this answers some of your questions. Please do not hesitate to telephone me on 07799745214 or send an email if there is anything that you would like further information on.

Chris Perry - Peak Folk (updated on January 15th 2008)


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